Sunday, December 21, 2008

“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want and need is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”

-Oprah Winfrey

On 14 December 2008... that night was my very first bus ride back home to Miri.

My First Long Journey Bus Ride
It was my very first bus ride back to Miri, to my house in Limbang. Usually i would take the flight back home but since I am not sure when I wanted to back last time, so I didn't book the flight and have to go back by bus.
Its an 16hours of agony in the bus~!!! Imagine 16 hours of sitting in a bus with the hard but cushioned chair. I barely can move my butt when everytime the bus stopped for a rest. Its way to long for a bus ride, the flight would only take 1 hour to arrive at Miri from Kuching. I think i won't take the bus anymore. its just too toturing for me with big ass...

Here are some tips for a bus ride:
1) A jacket or sweater is a must if you take a long journey bus. A pillow is optional.
2) Wear comfortable shirt and pant, better if its soft and good absorbant. Jeans is just too hard for your butt.
3) Buy fruits, eat it when you are hungry. Avoid heavy meals and sweet drinks during bus ride as you might get stomachache suddenly, and without any toilet in the bus, you really need to use the public toilet. I mean, really public! get what I mean? public as in open air. hehe...
4) When the bus stop for rest, get your ass out of the chair and move it! probably you need to shake it. Shake shake.. shake it.. shake it nice... just to get the blood circulate around your butt after a long sitting.
5) Sit in front of the bus, avoid back seats as when the bus moves, the back is the most shaky and swingy.
6) Just close your eyes and sleep in the bus. At least you try to sleep, to avoid tiredness and dizzy.
7) Get your phone fully charge or reloaded with lots of credits if you are travelling alone as you can text or call your friends for companion.
8) Pray!


Lydiane Agustinus said...

Ignatius: "To serve is to reign." I love that one. I remembered how proud Dez was every time he mentioned about serving as an Altar-Server.

and oh - I have dropped by to tell you that I've reverted my current blog url into my old one (I deleted the old one, that's why). Just check out my profile and update your blog list.

Happy Christmas in advance.