Thursday, October 30, 2008

Seeing is not believing, Believing is Seeing

-Santa Clause

Well, I am not a big fan of uncle nicholas but I do like what he said in the movie Santa Clause 1. Seeing is not believing but believing is seeing.

How often in life, that we demand that something is totally presence there for us to see it, touch it then we can belive it. That's what you should do when I buy something, you need to see the physical evidence that you might belive that its really working and what you wanted. How about the other aspect of out life? I strongly belive that by beliving in something, that thing will be seen. You can all it the law of attraction made famous by The secret book or miracle.

Sometimes in life, we need to learn to belive or trust. and you would definately ask "Trust what? belive in what or who?". First of all, if you are a religious person, no matter what faith you practise, belive first in God. If you don't belive in God, belive in your parents. No father will give his son a stone when he ask for a bread. Parents gone through many life experience, they might not be exactly the same but it offer us some guidance and comfort. No parents would want they children be harmed and will always provide the best for them. So, learn to trust your parents first of all.

After all, remember to trust yourself. When you belive in yourself, you are giving signal to your surrounding to response to you. Confidences come from 2 sides, one is from yourself, the other is from your surrounding. But the confidences from yourself is what makes you outshine and creates miracles. Ask how those famous people made it to their success, they will tell you that "I don't really know, I just belive I can do it. And now I've done it, it seems unbelivable!". Belive in yourself that everything can be done, Yes! everything then start working towards it. As the saying goes, "Positive thinking is half the work." When you belive, its make you motivated, it give you the energy to keeps you going, you just know and you know that you can do it. Never stop beliving in yourself. Wanted to be a great singer? trust in your voice and yourself. Wanted to be a great writer? trust your writtings. Wanted to get a good result? belive in yourself that you can achieve it, and work towards it. Wanted to have a good relationship? trust in yourself that you can make it better. See the miracles and belive there are miracles and it will happen to you. Miracle don't need a miracle to make a miracle, it's just miracle. Once, a sister told Mother Theresa that they are running out of money to buy the medicine, and Theresa answered, "Don't worry, everything will be provided." and soon after that she was announce as the Nobel price winner of peace that win her some amounts of money to provide for the poor.

Believe in yourself, even if bad things keep falling upon you, keep the faith, smile it off. Let nothing takes away the faith of you. Just belive it will happen then you will see.

And so be it~!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I solved the cube!

Thanks kris, for giving me the cube.

After 3 trials, I manage to solved the cube. The pass 2 trials, I almost done it, left the last steps but i screwed up therefore I need to restart. Well... This is a fun puzzle game, the solution is widely available online. Try it! Rubiks' Cube!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How to eat like a HOT CHICK!

1) take a HOT shower.
2) chew on some HOT chilli first before meal.
3) if your tongue or palete feels HOT, drink HOT water.
4) dip all your food with Maggie HOT chilli sauce before put into your mouth. Chew longer before swallowing.
5) rub all over your body with some HOT cream after you eat.

Wah lah! You're as HOT as hell! Congrats, you finally can eat like a HOT CHICKS!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Proverb 17:28

Proverb 17:28
"Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue."