Wednesday, November 11, 2009

3 questions to ask yourself

Usually when some we meet young little baby who start to learn to speak, the most common thing that we will tend to do is playing with the baby, either its a boy or girl and try to talk or communicate with him/her. I often noticed that the first question someone would ask most is

1)What is your name? or Who are you? 2)Where are you going? 3) What do you want?.

These three questions are the most frequent asked to a baby. And realize it or not, its one of the earliest questions that you and me are being asked by almost everyone that come in contact with us. Even when we are kid trying to buy some sweets, candy or groceries, we are often faced with this questions.So come to think of it, there must be something about these questions, why people often ask about it. So finally i realized that these three questions are the most important and most significant questions ever asked, during the period of where we began to learn take control of our life. This questions is so important that our answers to these determined our life. So let us look at these questions.

1) What is your name?
or Who are you?

Our name for us is so significant that it stick to us for the rest of our life. What does our name mean for us, is so important that it give us an image of ourself. Therefore our name accompanies us throughout our lifetime. The other questions that indirectly arise from asking about our name is "who are we?" or simply "who am I?". Remember Jackie Chan's movie entitled Who am I? how a "fresh" and "new" person with not much memory of his pass which make him more or less like a new born baby seek to know his identity. What we define our name, also define our characteristic, define OURSELF.

So as a person, we need to constantly remind ourselve this question, and the answer might not be the same but until you have really defined yourself, then the answers most probably remains the same forever. We need to know ourself first before others know us; we need to be able to create our own self-image. A positive self-image creates a positive you! and a positive image of yourself to your surroundings. Therefore, every time you look into a mirror and saw a reflection of yourself, you probably need to ask yourself again the same question and answer POSITIVEY about your own self.

No one is able to answer that question perfectly for you except yourself. Give a good impression to yourself, pat yourself at the back if you need it because you are a positive, you are beautiful as yourself, you are capable of uncountable great things, and you love yourself. When you have done this, you feel happier, energy starts to fill you up and you know you are capable. And most importantly, your values are created, and when you go out to work and live your life, it is derived and come out and the things that you will do all starts for your own definitions of "Who I am?" so this bring us to the second question. Remember this, the question, "who am I?" need to be so strongly and clearly defined, and it will be the most important question of our life, that is why often asked first. Because the answer to this particular question lead us and guide us to answer the next two important questions.

2) Where are you going?

When we are able to know who we are, we then realise, its not enough to only now "Who am I?", then we raised another question, "where am I going?".Our answers to these question determined our destinations in live, either we are going to our parents, or going towards some attractive toys across the room. These question give us destination of our life, and in other sense it mean that we are able to set where are we going, no one are able to set us our direction. Parents can guide or direct us, or sometime even forcing us into college, or course we did not want to but it is our choice to set our destination either to be the best student, to walk up on graduation day to receive awards or to be a slacker. The "destination" and the way we are going to reach it is our choice.

Therefore it is the best to make the best decisions, plan the best way to reach our destinations and start doing it so that we can reach it one day. When we are put into a new environment or location, either we like it or not, we still can decide on our answer to "where am I going?". Where are you heading is always your decision to make. No matter in good or bad situation you ought to make the best decision for yourself. After we set our destination, after we know where are we going, then the next question pop in.

3) What do you want?So what do you want?

This are the most frequent questions we ask others. Take note on your everyday life and see how many times this questions appear and being asked by you and to you. Probably you will find it that almost every questions start or somehow contain this question like "what?" or "what do you want?". Most importantly, its not what we want others to do for us is important, its what we want. There are many things in life, that we want after we set where are we going, then we start to think "what do I want?" and "what do I need to reach my destinations?". Therefore we start to imagine material stuffs, like money, a car or maybe a Mercedes, BMW, or private jet plane so that we reach our ultimate goal immediately which is to live like no one else, to enjoy like no one else,for most of us.

The third question is the most dangerous one, that's why it is often asked the last to a baby. It is so tricky and dangerous that our answer to it, will determine our fullness of life. When we start to imagine things that we want like money, various tools for us to get to our final destination we start to lose control and forget the answer to the first question, "who am I?". The most funny thing that I found out is that, when we imagine about the material things that we want, we often get more and more and it seems like no end to it, there must be something more, we think. And when we set our "wants" to material things, we start working for "things", we are no more the person we answered in the first question. Things seems more nicer, and getting better when we achieved things, when we get the things we want. One thing i realise, is when you want something so much, that eventually you become possessive, and this possessiveness start to make you loss control, make you start making shortcuts to reach your destination, make you think that you are in control of the things you have, you protect the things with your life instead of protecting your own values, yourself!.

You see, we have to realise that no a single thing or person that we are able to control. Everything is control by God, at this time you have it, it might be taken from you the next moment. Nothing! nothing in this world that we are able to control, including the things we owned.But there is one thing that we are able to take full time control, that is ourself. I am in control of myself, you are in control of yourself. I am in control of me, my body, my mind, my thoughts and my spirit. So do not want something that is material, instead want something that is benefit to yourself, which the values that defined you in the very first question. Want love, honestly, peace, happiness, and kindness. All you need is yourself, the one being that you can control. When you set your "wants" on good values like love, you work hard to reach love, to get love, to be love and to love. So you see, at here, we can get what we want all the time, we fight with our life, to defend "love", "peace", and "honestly let's say. These "wants" of us keep us close to ourself, to our original self and we are getting more control of ourself, we felt happiness flow constantly because we are being ourself, the person we at first intended to be. So dear friends, do not set your "wants" as something material, because it will never last and when we loss control of it, we became possessive. Instead, set your "wants" as some virtues, something you can control, something that keeps you as you, the things that defined you earlier. So when you get the right "wants" it motivates you, it keeps you away for sins and evils.

So in the end, it is these three questions that actually give us our "life". When we have the correct answers for our-self that we are able to live to the fullness of being ourselves, something that we desired at first. It is OK, when we made the wrong answers, because we can always ask ourself back the questions again until we are satisfy with the answers. In the end, it is YOU than define YOU.