Wednesday, December 31, 2008

“Christmas began in the heart of God. It is complete only when it reaches the heart of man.”

Christmas Seasons...

Everyone knows that when Christmas season arrive, you'll see Christmas decoration everywhere, in the street, the shop, houses, neighbourhood. Well, i like to walk around the town and see all the christmas decorations, somehow I found this banner in "ngiu kee" which personally I think it has the most meaningful christmas decoration for public.

"Faith Hope & Love"
"My faith is found in you, You are my hope, I see love reaching for me."

A Christmas Sharing

Faith, Hope, and Love are the 3 most powerful things that a man can have. But everyone knows that "the greatest of these is Love" and this is what we really need in this christmas seasons. If you don't have faith, or hope, at least... For God's sake, have love. I was touched when I see this banner, which exactly what I think somehow portrayed what christmas is. Christmas is about faith, not food, presents, or parties. Christmas is christmas, the birth of Christ and is something tradition, that is why I don't like when the church play loud music band on Christmas masses, where is the sense of christmas??? it's isn't about music or hard beaten drums. Where is the meaning of "silent night"??? Where is the traditional christmas mass where we sing sweet christmas carols with reverence and prayful-ness? I remember a friend where he is a newborn christian, where he didn't go to church but only on christmas day. He would say that he likes the christmas atmosphere, the beautiful twilight everywhere, the nice choirs, and meaningful readings of christmas where we are reminded again on our faith, and christmas happen because we went wrong somewhere, somehow, and when we lost our faith, hope and love that one man have to come down to bring us this 3 things. Christmas is hope, we celebrate the pass, to remind us of our presence life, as our reminded for our future, as our hope when in time of troubles. Born in the lowliest place yet a king. This is our hope in time of despair and broken, we know that we have someone to accompanying us when we felt alone, someone guide us when we felt danger ahead, someone have provided us even when we do not ask for it. That's how christmas bring hope for us. When I was in the carolling team, one of my favourite song is "Christmas is a time to love". Yes! exactly! Christmas is born of Love, its all about Love. Its a time of love and to love. Christmas is a time where we felt loved and we should love everyone around us, starting from our family to strangers who's lonely this Christmas, to friends that do not understand what Christmas is, to friends which are lonely during Christmas, to your enemies. Love them, for it is love that move a person heart. When you have love, there you find faith and hope then peace in your heart.

Here are some Christmas gifts suggestion:

“Christmas gift suggestions:

To your enemy, forgiveness.

To an opponent, tolerance.

To a friend, your heart.

To a customer, service.

To all, charity.

To every child, a good example.

To yourself, respect.” - Oren Arnold

May the spirit of this wonderful Christmas season stay with you always throughout your life...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas isn't christmas until it happens in your heart.

Wishing everyone... A very happy blessed merry christmas. My favourite christmas quote is at title... Let's make christmas really happen in your heart and the hearts around you, including those who's untouched, unloved and lonely at tis time. Christmas is a time to love and share...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

“Everyone makes mistakes. That's why there is an eraser on every pencil.”


It was a lazy afternoon, my younger was in the church decorating for christmas. So I thought of going there go give some helps or maybe just to see what changes they have done at the church where I grew up and where I learn the most about life and love.

During my teenage life, around form 2, when I met my hometown bestfren, Fernandez. Since then, we both are active in church in activities like Altar Server, Carollings, Choirs or Camps... It was one of the great memories during those days... Altar Server or some might call in Altar Boy is what teaches my a lot about service and fullness in doing something. I was the leader last time and I always teach the younger server to serve full heartedly as once you are a server, forever you are. In every aspect in life, service is essential. Every job created in this world is to give service to others. For me, life isn't about enjoying alone, gaining what you want, happiness, beauty, richness, its about service. We serve others first before we serve ourselves, that's the ultimate type of service. it is in life that we have the chance to serve others in need, reach out to see and touch, to serve and not to be serve. As a christian and altar servers especially, we are always reminded that the greatest servant is God himself, Jesus came into the world to serve and not to be serve. That's is the ultimate goal of giving a service, to serve and not to be serve. Some people might need returns like money for their service given out, but that is not the real sincere type of service. A true service comes from the heart, which is first to serve without asking. If you can understand the spirit of serving, then you can be a good server. to be first to serve means you know what is going to happen, to avoid the bad things happen to others by fast services. The sames goes to your relationship with anyone, a true relationship of spouses, friends, families and community is about serving. A husband should serve his wife and so as the wife should serve her husband, with full hearted in spirit of serving. To really serve mean to put aside your need, not ignoring them but put aside temporarily to serve others first. It goes the same in a friendship, if you are someone who treasure friendship, you will know that the key element that keep a friendship alive and strong is service. If either one side start to cease of serving, or only know how to be served, it surely won't last long, and the bonding will not be strong. Are you there when your spouse or friends need you? are you just there when they need you? or you are there, ready to serve without waiting? Do you try your best, or you think you have tried you best to serve? To serve, is not to wait until there is something needed to be done, it is always ready all the time, to try the best to serve. To love, you need to serve, because serving is the action of love. When you say "I love you", meaning to say "I am ready to serve you before my needs". "I give you first before me".

I am really thankful that I have the chance of being an altar server in my life, which i really love the most, and learn the most about life especially the life of service. It is when I serve, I received the most. When I serve, I have the oppurturnity to be on the sanctuary, close to God, giving an example to peoples attending mass about reverance. As altar server, we taken vow, to serve God, His church and His people with full reverance and humility. I have never regreted this vow and it remind me always to serve others first. Now, when I grew older and the world gets "colder", I tend to be "colder" too. What the world really needs is a heart of service, the real spirit of service. That's what makes the world a better place for everyone. The motto of Altar Server or Guild of Saint Stephen is "CVI SERVIRE REGNARE EST" which means "to serve is to reign" which is very true.

Well, back to the story... during my walk around the church, seeing others busy with decoration, went to see the new priest and talk with some old friends, I happen to see this at the notice board of Altar Server.

A server prayer before mass and after mass

This is the prayer which I put on the notice board when I was in form 4, and after 6 years! this little beautiful prayer is still here. Just that they put in into a nice paper with some nice graphic. I was once again touched when I read this prayer which I need to pray almost every week before and after serving. Can't belive this prayer is still here after 6 years since the first time I put it on. God must have really love this prayer...

Is a good prayer for everyone who wish to learn how to serve others. I like this sentence the most "If I happen to make an error, may it be a lesson so my service will be perfect tomorrow". I think it suit for everyone. When we make error, take it as a lesson so we can serve others perfect tomorrow, there is nothing to be scare of making mistake in life.

“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want and need is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”

-Oprah Winfrey

On 14 December 2008... that night was my very first bus ride back home to Miri.

My First Long Journey Bus Ride
It was my very first bus ride back to Miri, to my house in Limbang. Usually i would take the flight back home but since I am not sure when I wanted to back last time, so I didn't book the flight and have to go back by bus.
Its an 16hours of agony in the bus~!!! Imagine 16 hours of sitting in a bus with the hard but cushioned chair. I barely can move my butt when everytime the bus stopped for a rest. Its way to long for a bus ride, the flight would only take 1 hour to arrive at Miri from Kuching. I think i won't take the bus anymore. its just too toturing for me with big ass...

Here are some tips for a bus ride:
1) A jacket or sweater is a must if you take a long journey bus. A pillow is optional.
2) Wear comfortable shirt and pant, better if its soft and good absorbant. Jeans is just too hard for your butt.
3) Buy fruits, eat it when you are hungry. Avoid heavy meals and sweet drinks during bus ride as you might get stomachache suddenly, and without any toilet in the bus, you really need to use the public toilet. I mean, really public! get what I mean? public as in open air. hehe...
4) When the bus stop for rest, get your ass out of the chair and move it! probably you need to shake it. Shake shake.. shake it.. shake it nice... just to get the blood circulate around your butt after a long sitting.
5) Sit in front of the bus, avoid back seats as when the bus moves, the back is the most shaky and swingy.
6) Just close your eyes and sleep in the bus. At least you try to sleep, to avoid tiredness and dizzy.
7) Get your phone fully charge or reloaded with lots of credits if you are travelling alone as you can text or call your friends for companion.
8) Pray!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Me and My Drum… Pa Rum Pa Pum Pum~!!!

Its December… and when we talk bout December, its Christmas~!!! Yeah!!!

I am into the Christmas spirit now, listening to Christmas songs… playing my drums…

When I was a young boy, during this season of the years, my home will play Christmas songs listen to Christmas story enjoying the true meaning of Christmas. And there is one songs that I must listen to every year over and over again. Yes.. every year and over and over again. I fall in love with this song the very first time I heard it and to be honest, when I fall in love *literally*, I tend to love it very very much and stick to it very much and never get bored with it. So can be said that I kind of "royal" person if I like something very much. And Yes, you can guessed it. I am listening to the song over and over again now even when I am writing this blog. This very songs touches me every time I heard it, it's a simple song yet full of meaning and humility. Pa Ram Pa Pum Pum… its call The Little Drummer Boy.

Why I like this song? First, I like songs with good drums sound and I like drums or any kind of percussions. It is the essential elements in music which give the "umphh~!" of the song. Then the lyrics reflect something really nice. If you study and understand it carefully, it is so much full of love and humbleness, the story of a poor drummer boy. I like the version sung by my favourite singer, Josh Groban.

The little drummer boy

Come, they told me, pa rum pa pum pum
A newborn King to see, pa rum pa pum pum
Our finest gifts we bring, pa rum pa pum pum
To lay before the King, pa rum pa pum pum,
Rum pa pum pum, rum pa pum pum
So to honor Him, pa rum pa pum pum
When we come

Little baby, pa rum pa pum pum
I am a poor boy too, pa rum pa pum pum
I have no gift to bring, pa rum pa pum pum
That's fit to give our King, pa rum pa pum pum,
Rum pa pum pum, rum pa pum pum
Shall I play for You, pa rum pa pum pum
On my drum
On my drum

I play my drum for Him
So to honor Him

Mary nodded, pa rum pa pum pum
The ox and lamb kept time, pa rum pa pum pum
I played my drum for Him, pa rum pa pum pum
I played my best for Him, pa rum pa pum pum,
Rum pa pum pum, rum pa pum pum
Then He smiled at me, pa rum pa pum pum
Me and my drum
When we come

Me and my drum

The song start with this sentences… "Come, they told me, A newborn king to see, our finest gifts we bring, to lay before the king, so to honour him, when we come."… What is your reaction when someone would call you and say, "come, lets go see a newborn king". Won't you be glad that you have the honour to see the newborn king? If it were me, I will be so glad to have the honour to be invited to see the newborn king and would surely dress up the best and bring my finest gift to give the newborn king, to honour him. How do we honour people? To really honour someone, the best thing you can do is do your best, literally, "bringing your finest gift". So what is the finest gift? It is the most valued by money? Or is it invaluable by money? The finest gift in our life would be our own self; you bring yourself as the finest gift to give. To give and not to receive. The gift of yourself is the most finest gift, for your God, your parents, your friends, your community. A human is divided into 3 parts, the physical, the mind and the spirit. When bring yourself as a gift, you bring the whole "self", all the 3 parts. The physical to be there, the mind to be presence and the spirit to feel your own presence there. That's the perfect gift you can give to anyone. The King will be your creator, someone that give you this spirit to be alive, put thoughts in your mind and bring you into a physical life. Now, when the time come, would you return the honour to Him for giving you your being? And how?

The story continues… The little drummer came in front baby Jesus... "Little baby, I am a poor boy too, I have no gift to bring, That's fit to give our King, Shall I play for you on my drum?" … How gently and polite this little drummer asked for permission to play his drum. What a humble and nice little boy. Thoght he is poor, he dares to stand in front a king and asked a permission to play. In life, we didn't not need great things to accomplished something great like giving a King a birthday present, all we need is just humility and a great heart with great love to do that simple things and that simple things will then be transformed by our pure since love to be a great thing. All we do, we do it with humbleness, humility and truthfulness, for love is humble and do not proud, it rejoice with truths.

Here is how it ends… Then the little boy played his drum.. "I play my drum for Him, so to honour Him and Mary nodded, the ox and lamb kept time, I played my drum for Him, I played my best for Him, Then He smiled at me, Me and my drum" When we played our drum the best we can, that will be the greatest honour we gave ourself and everyone. So strike the your drum the best you can, for you are the drum that can be the greatest gift.

I just love this song so much… you can search it at YouTube.

Remember the true meaning of Christmas… You are ready to attend the King's birthday party, do you have the best present for Him yet?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Death is caused by swallowing small amounts of saliva over a long period of time. - George Carlin

It's been a long time that I didn't update my blog. And today while in the lab, discussing on what to write on my blog, my friend, Kristine came up with this idea; "Why don't you write on what would you do if you only have 24hours to live?" Well, I gave it a thought, "hrmm… not bad. Thanks Kris" and here it goes…

If I have another 24hours to live.

If one night, I would fall asleep let's say around midnight and God came into my dream and say. "My dear child, from now on, you will have only 24hours to live, so do your best with that 24 hours." Oh my! I would surely jumped out my bed and think over it. Maybe I'll sleep back, and hopefully God will come again, this time, I will try to neogotiate, I'll ask for my life to be extend till I'm old probably around 120? And if God didn't allow that, maybe I'll ask if He can give me more time, let's say 5 years, a year, 1 month or at least 1 week. And hopefully God will grant it.

It was on Sunday that me and Kristine went to bookstore after church, and we spent quite a long time at there browsing through books and stuffs. A few books caught my attention, one of it is about what would you do if you have only 1 day to live, it is quite interesting but I forgot the title. The another book that caught my attention is "How to live forever", it's a book about a boy with leukemia and he journey through the rest of his life searching for things and knowledges and how to life forever. The story is simple, easy to understand, and it portrait the life of a dying young boy, and its very interesting and touching. I did read the book for a few pages, quite a lot of pages actually while waiting for Kris to find her book, Kris did read the book a few pages briefly and probably that's how she got the idea for me today.

If I know that I only have 24 hours to live, at time I know this, I would probably shock or break down and cry. Well, I have to appreciate my time now, so I better get the things that I wanted to do done before my 24 hours is up. Firstly, I would just pick up the phone; call my family, all of them! I would not tell them that I am going to die because I would not want to draw the attention to me. I will tell my parents that I love them so much and thanks for bring me into this life, and I know that you have tried your best to provide for me. I wanted to tell my sisters to do all the best in their life and know that I love them very much too. And not forget, I will apologiese for all my wrong doing and I will forgive all. I do not want to carry the burden to me, I wanted to let go and forgive. If its possible, I'll get a ticket to fly back to meet them all.

***This is harder than I thought, I actually realize that I have many things to do and its so hard to choose which to do first.***

The next thing, probably I will find my gf and be with her for the rest of my time, I wanted to tell her that she's the most beautiful girl I've ever know, she's perfect for me and sorry for all my treatment to her, I know that sometimes I'm not that good and I will be the best I can for her at this few hours left. Then I will go with her to the nearest ATM to withdraw some money, I would like to leave some for my family or her, I do not want to be selfish now, my life is only a few hours, it is good for me to give others something. And now when I got some money in my hand, I actually do not know what I am going to do. Probably I will reload my phone credit and gas up my car and drive to some place quite and with privacy with my gf. Then I will call up all the contacts in my phone, starting with my bestfriend. I wonder if she got time to listen to me. I would like to tell her that she's very special to me, and of cause, I wouldn't say that I am going to die soon. I will tell her sorry for not being there sometimes and hurting her. I will tell her what I think about her no matter good or bad. Well, it's my last few hours; I wanted to use this short time to help her and everyone. And not forgetting to ask everyone's forgiveness before I go. I will then call everyone and tell them how special they are for me and I say sorry to them, probably to my closer friend, I will talk longer with them telling them that how they coloured my life and sorry for not being able to be there for them sometime. And surely I will start with digi number first, cause its cheaper. Hopefully I will got time and credit to finish call everyone. And see who is there for me this time. I will call the one I hate too, tell them why I hate them not to piss them off but to let them know why I felt so with hope that that might realize it and not hurt others then I will say that I really do forgive them. And after that, I really do not know what to do.

*** Kris, help me. You gave me this idea but I got stuck in the middle. Hehe… ***

Oh ya, probably I will go to the nearest bookstore to buy Kristine her books which she didn't manage to buy the other day. Buy my sisters things that they wished for. For my gf which actually didn't demand much from me, I will buy nothing! Yes! Nothing! Cause you deserve me 101% now so I will give me to you. To my bestfriend now, probably buy her a ticket to tour around Sabah, or Paris, whichever she likes. To all ex, I will buy you diamond ring. You wish!! I will see what I can give you. To my bestfriend back at hometown, I'll buy you a sport car under my name, so if I die soon, the insurance company will have to pay it so you no need pay a thing. I will buy many things, as many as I can for my family and friends.

Oh ya! I will do to the nearest church. Of cause, a Catholic church if possible and knelt down on my knees and give thanks for this wonderful life of mine and ask for forgiveness while I am still aware. To be honest, I will not angry that God will took my life soon and I am not afraid of death now by knowing I have tried my best to use my 24hours. By now, I think I will left a few hours only, I will just live a usual, like nothing would have happen. Talk with the one who's around me. Maybe I'll go eat crispy patta also. Watch some funny movie with anyone. Sign up to donate my organs. There are a lots more of things that I wanted to do if I have another 24 hours to live, I just can't finish writing it all here. But most of all, I do not want to draw attention to me and I will do my best to give out my rest to everyone around me.

For now, I think why I am not afraid of death is that I still do not have the responsible and commitment yet. And from most NDE (near death experience) from good people that I've heard and read of, death is not an ugly things and it is actually a beautiful things. I believe I have not done and big mistake, "mortal sin" if you would like to call it, so I have no worries of leaving this world. And I did nothing seriously wrong to anyone too, that's why I didn't scare. For those who are reading this, what would you felt if you know you are going to die soon? Will you be afraid cause of some commitment that you haven't fulfill or big responsible given to you have not done? I do not want to know how you would felt but the most important thing is yourself. Do you know how you feel? Try asking yourself. If you felt happy and glad, a big congratulations to you. And if you felt scare and weary, you better think where did you done wrong in your life and why would you be scare. Take the time to "clear your life" now, do not wait! Do it now for you really wouldn't know when will your time is up. If there is anyone whom you would like to say thank you to, say it now! Use your life to inspire others to live. That's what I call "how you will live forever". If you have done any wrong to anyone whom you haven't apologized to yet, do it now, you won't want dying with people hating you. Forgive your enemies, it's a burden if you do not forgive. And by "enemies" I mean anyone whom you hate or do not like. The most important thing, tell the one you love that you do love them, for they might be waiting for you to say it too, do not let them wait forever because you do not dare to tell them.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Most Beautiful Heart

One day a young man was standing in the middle
of the town proclaiming that he had the most
beautiful heart in the whole valley. A large
crowd gathered and they all admired his heart
for it was perfect.
There was not a mark or a flaw in it.
Yes, they all agreed it truly was the most
beautiful heart they had ever seen.
The young man was very proud and boasted
more loudly about his beautiful heart.

Suddenly, an old man appeared at the front of
the crowd and said, "Why your heart is not
nearly as beautiful as mine."

The crowd and the young man looked at the
old man's heart. It was beating strongly,
but full of scars, it had places where pieces
had been removed and other pieces put in, but
they didn't fit quite right and there were
several jagged edges. In fact, in some places
there were deep gouges where whole pieces
were missing.

The people stared -- how can he say his heart
is more beautiful, they thought?
The young man looked at the old man's heart
and saw its state and laughed.

"You must be joking," he said.
"Compare your heart with mine, mine is perfect
and yours is a mess of scars and tears."

"Yes," said the old man, "Yours is perfect
looking but I would never trade with you.
You see, every scar represents a person to
whom I have given my love - I tear out a piece
of my heart and give it to them, and often
they give me a piece of their heart which fits
into the empty place in my heart, but because
the pieces aren't exact, I have some rough edges,
which I cherish, because they remind me of the
love we shared. "Sometimes I have given pieces of my heart
away, and the other person hasn't returned
a piece of his heart to me. These are the
empty gouges -- giving love is taking a chance.

Although these gouges are painful, they stay open,
reminding me of the love I have for these people too,
and I hope someday they may return and fill the
space I have waiting. So now do you see what true beauty is?"

The young man stood silently with tears running
down his cheeks. He walked up to the old man,
reached into his perfect young and beautiful heart,
and ripped a piece out. He offered it to the old
man with trembling hands

The old man took his offering, placed it in his heart
and then took a piece from his old scarred heart and
placed it in the wound in the young man's heart.
It fit, but not perfectly, as there were some jagged edges.
The young man looked at his heart, not perfect
anymore but more beautiful than ever,
since love from the old man's heart flowed into his.
They embraced and walked away side by side.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Seeing is not believing, Believing is Seeing

-Santa Clause

Well, I am not a big fan of uncle nicholas but I do like what he said in the movie Santa Clause 1. Seeing is not believing but believing is seeing.

How often in life, that we demand that something is totally presence there for us to see it, touch it then we can belive it. That's what you should do when I buy something, you need to see the physical evidence that you might belive that its really working and what you wanted. How about the other aspect of out life? I strongly belive that by beliving in something, that thing will be seen. You can all it the law of attraction made famous by The secret book or miracle.

Sometimes in life, we need to learn to belive or trust. and you would definately ask "Trust what? belive in what or who?". First of all, if you are a religious person, no matter what faith you practise, belive first in God. If you don't belive in God, belive in your parents. No father will give his son a stone when he ask for a bread. Parents gone through many life experience, they might not be exactly the same but it offer us some guidance and comfort. No parents would want they children be harmed and will always provide the best for them. So, learn to trust your parents first of all.

After all, remember to trust yourself. When you belive in yourself, you are giving signal to your surrounding to response to you. Confidences come from 2 sides, one is from yourself, the other is from your surrounding. But the confidences from yourself is what makes you outshine and creates miracles. Ask how those famous people made it to their success, they will tell you that "I don't really know, I just belive I can do it. And now I've done it, it seems unbelivable!". Belive in yourself that everything can be done, Yes! everything then start working towards it. As the saying goes, "Positive thinking is half the work." When you belive, its make you motivated, it give you the energy to keeps you going, you just know and you know that you can do it. Never stop beliving in yourself. Wanted to be a great singer? trust in your voice and yourself. Wanted to be a great writer? trust your writtings. Wanted to get a good result? belive in yourself that you can achieve it, and work towards it. Wanted to have a good relationship? trust in yourself that you can make it better. See the miracles and belive there are miracles and it will happen to you. Miracle don't need a miracle to make a miracle, it's just miracle. Once, a sister told Mother Theresa that they are running out of money to buy the medicine, and Theresa answered, "Don't worry, everything will be provided." and soon after that she was announce as the Nobel price winner of peace that win her some amounts of money to provide for the poor.

Believe in yourself, even if bad things keep falling upon you, keep the faith, smile it off. Let nothing takes away the faith of you. Just belive it will happen then you will see.

And so be it~!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Green Heights Mall

Well, today after choir practice, we (Me, Kath, Jess, Kris and Farhan) went outing for food and check out this new shopping mall. At first, our mission is to find a Guardian Pharmacy
to buy some sunblock for tomorrow performance and my Adidas Perfume for me.

Green Height Mall is located just beside the Airport BDC roundabout. A newly open mall, quite a small size mall. Green Height Mall only has 2 floors, ground and 1st floor. The ground floor is mainly occupied by the cold storage supermarket, guardian and some snacks stall.

Here are some views inside Green Height Mall…

Since Halloween is near, they have a Halloween dinner table. The fruits are real rotten fruits. They'll have a Halloween costume party on this coming Saturday nite.
While window shopping at the 1st floor, we bumped in to a perfume store. Scentiments…

That's Jessie and Farhan being the model for the store. Nice pose…

The shop owner is very friendly, when I walked into the shop, she insisted on trying some perfume on me. I asked for a paper to spray on yet she recommended me to spray it on my body as perfume give out different scents on different people depend on the body odours. At the end when I leave the shop, my body is full of perfume. Everyone can smell me from far away. Scentiments also sell some make up originally from Paris at a very affordable price, the shop owner demo some makeup on Kris and Kath, she is really friendly and helpful. They have first liner and second liner perfume, well, we didn't know much about what is first liner and second liner. All we know is second liner is cheaper perfume, original but not yet perfume and it smells as good as the first liner. First liner perfume will be the famous perfume that you saw in magazines, it cost around RM100-200 per 300-500ml bottle. After testing some of the perfume, the one I like the most will be the Burberry London and Dunhill Desire, Burberry smells like classical and prestigious man while Dunhill Desire smell extreme and hot~! LOL…
Oh ya, when I wanted to took picture of the shop, the owner asked me why so. And so I told her that I am gonna put it in my blog, so now I have to blog it as I wouldn't want to broken my promise. The shop is really nice with friendly people and its absolutely worth to blog about it. Come my friends… come go this shop see see.. Got perfume and make up.

The shop owner said this to us. "This is what I like to do, making every girl looks beautiful and man smells nice" What a good thing to do. Overally, the store is really nice with nice treatment, you will enjoy yourself in there.

By the way, I just bought an Adidas Perfume from Guardian before I notice the perfume shop, I should have walk around first. Huhu...

Adidas Team Force EDT by Adidas, Winner of the prestigious FiFi award in 2000, adidas team force was launched in 2000 by the design house of adidas. The top notes are juniper berry, grapefruit. Middle notes: jasmine, citrus and base notes: amber, tobacco, woody notes

This afternoon, I heard that Jessie has already posted a video of her playing guitar on YouTube… Wow~!! Now everyone have they videos online. I think I wanna make one too… so need to practise then play. Dun wan "chong pai seh" later… LOL…
Bye bye…

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I solved the cube!

Thanks kris, for giving me the cube.

After 3 trials, I manage to solved the cube. The pass 2 trials, I almost done it, left the last steps but i screwed up therefore I need to restart. Well... This is a fun puzzle game, the solution is widely available online. Try it! Rubiks' Cube!

Monday, October 20, 2008

7 Facts about Ignatius

THANKS sand for tagging me....

Here's the rules of this game...

First, copy the rules to your blog.

Rules of the tag:-
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2.Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
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I am thinking who am I going to tag after this as I only got a few friends that blog.

Well, here it goes... Iggy's Fun Facts:

No. 1 I like Pig a.k.a. Babi

Some how in my life, I then to use the words "Pig" or "Babi" quite often.
For example: When I am angry: "Babi o orang tu!" (Pig that person) or "Babi punya si Sandra tu!" (Sandra Pig). I got the influence from one of my friend I guess...
And I like food with pork.
For example: Pork Bacon, Pork Leg cooked in heavy soy sauce, Crispy Pork or "Sau Nyuk" but not "Sasau", I like "Crispy Patta" from Ihaw-ihaw.
I sometime called my fren Pig. like.. "Pig Sharon" a.k.a. "Pig mom"
I think Pig have many usage, it can be something cute, something ugly, and every part of a Pig can be made food according to chinese recipies. I've nerver tried every part yet. Just the Pig Brain, Pig body, Pig leg, Pig Ears, and Pig tongue. Which is all taste nice for me but not my favourite la...
No wonder Sharon called me "Pig son" cause I am a useful son, right Sharon? Haha... So guys, be proud when someone called you Pig cause that mean you are very useful person

No.2 I am afraid of bees

When I was young, the house I live is surrounded many trees that my father planted and that's mean there are many insects there. I ever stung by 3 times by big black bees in 1 week. One morning, while I wake up and walk outside to get something, I steped on one of the bees and got stung by a big black bee about the size of 10 cent. Then at the night, somehow the same species of bee got into my short pants and stung my right tight, Ouch~!!! and the next few days, on the other part of my body which I can't remember, my small finger I think. The stung is so painful for a few days and that's why I am afraid of bees or tebuan or some insect that resemble bees.

No.3 I love to sing

No many might know this, but actually I like to sing! I sing in my room, I sing when I bath, I sing when I am in "the bank" making some "deposite". I sing when I drive. I just love singing. I dream of becoming a singer, probably a tenor singer or Opera singer. There are some reasons that I like to sing. One, singing helps me feel relax and energize me cause I breathe rapidly. Second, I like to sing praises and prayers, I give my a sense of connection between God and my soul, for when I sing, I sing out my heart and soul. Third, singing helps me learn to express myself more. Fourth, Singing makes me appreciate Life. Especially Love songs, and worship songs. Someone must have love someone so much till he or she are able to write a song to appreciate him or her. And Some one must have felt something in his or her life that he or she can humble down to write a worship songs. For me, a good songs is when you really can put down yourself, your ego, your pride, you hatred and humble down to write it. That's what make a really good touching song for me. Fifth, "Songs activate the souls" in other words, songs touches the souls and heal it. A good songs can serve as motivation, A sad song can sadden someone or create anger to some people, A fast tempo song might get someone tapping his feet and hopping. Songs touches the souls, that's why I like singing.

No.4 I love to sports

Belive it or not. I love sports, I love rackets games like squash, badminton, and tennis. I like running around catching balls. I love swimming too.
This was when I am in Matric...

And in Unimas...
Notice the similiarity and difference?
No.5 I am not religious, but I just love Jesus

I might not be religious but I just love Jesus. Do you know who He is? Jesus is the greatest person that ever walked the earth. You can call Him whatever you want, in the end, He is still the greatest person ever walked on earth. His life is inspiring, His love is tremendous, His teaching is awesome, His work is miraculous, His words heals from the deepest soul through the body, Do you know Him? He is amazing, He protects, He guides, He love, He forgive his enemy, He bow down to His enemy, He is humble, He is ever forgiving, ever loving, ever caring, He is always there for you... I know He is there cause I ever see Him, I really do~!.

I wonder if you know Him? Ask about Him~!

No. 6 Sometimes I like to talk, sometimes I don't.

I am a talkative person if you know me, and I can be very quite sometime. It is all dependant on my mood. But mostly, people will describe me as cheerful, cheeky and talkative. So when I don't talk, its a bit scary probably a lil bit more scary for certain people. When I am quiet, it is either I am so suprise till speechless or I am not in the mood. With that, I am hoping someone can cheer me up, someone can talk to me and ignore that I am not in the mood cause I forget very fast, I seldom get sad or angry unless someone really annoyed me or shocked me with something. Or when I am angry, I still can talk it nicely out to settle it. Sometimes when I am quite, I am thinking and observing or even praying for someone right then. I used to just sit at a corner of a shopping complex (I sat at center point, KK for 2 hours observing ppl) and look at people passing by because I like to observe human (and spoting some hot chicks), they behaviours and emotions. The place I found that it is most emotional is the airport, some people might be sad of leaving a place cause of someone or things while some people just wanted to get out of the place fast or some are leaving for emergency. Some people are happy to see their love ones coming back, some are sad travelling along, some are with family, some cries, some laugh, some hugged, some couples kissed goodbye, some boy waiting with flowers (with hope cause probably the girl is angry with him) for their girlfriend to come back, some people might be sad that he or she missed a flight, some people quarelling with the staffs about certain things, some are rushing to catch a flight, some are waiting for help. Its a very emotional place. You can find all sorts of emotion there. Furthermore, free WiFi and Aircond wat...

No. 7 (last and weird 1) I love Hayden Panettiere than Paris Hilton~!!! LOL...

So, in the end, I decided not to tag anyone. Sorry Sand... I break the rules. hehe...
But I do really wish that my friend who have a blog, do do something like this.
Aman, Dean, Jessie (if you already have 1), Sharon (also if you alredy have 1), Kathleen (if you have 1), Karen,... And all my friends that are reading my blog. Write 7 facts about yourself~!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

21st Birthday

Well... Guess what today is?

It's my birthday. Well... when me, jessie and kristine was on the way to go to workshop... Jess mom call up jessie, then she talked to me to wish me Happy Birthday... Wow~! for me its like... Tat's so nice of her to wish me happy birthday and she and Jessie gave me a present too.

Well... that's not the only surpise of the day... Suddenly, this evening, i decided to treat my fren for a bithday dinner at one of the philipine restaurant called Pinoy ihaw-ihaw, as Sharon suggested it early today. "Pinoy ihaw-ihaw" In translation, it means Philipine Grill-Grill.. if i'm not mistaken... I have been to this restaurant a couple of time...

This is how the sign board looks like from the outside... its somewhere at Padugan street just beside the police station.

And when when the waitress come to take our order.
Waitress: "Can I take your order?"
Sharon excitingly.. : "Fried pork~! is a must..." or something like that... I know she's excited bout the pork and one of the reason we came this restaurant is the "Crispy Patta" (Fried Pork Leg)

LOL... well.. I have to admit it, the fried pork here is really nice... and we order the large set.

While waiting for our food to be prepared, here is all the nice present I got from my lovely friend.

A nice leather waller from Kath and Joan... Kath, Thank you so much~!!! Love you~!!! Joan, thanks so much...

An oren shirt from Jessie and her mom~!!! Yeah~!! Its orange~!!! Thanks Jess and Jess' mom. God bless you all... And this is what its written outside Jess box...
"Especially for a cheeky but
really nice guy named IGNATIUS CHIN. Happy 21st
Birthday to my dear friend

Am I cheeky?? LOL...

Besides that, Sharon, Amirah and Kath gave me a nice Black Converse Shirt... Yikes.~!! I'm in the converse team now~!!! Yeah yeah... ~Welcome to the Converse Century~ Thanks so much Sweet Sharon, Adorable Amirah and Kutie Kath...
And Kristine gave me the most interesting gift... A burger coins box, and A Rubik's Cube~ All this while I am playing others' cube.. and now I've got my own cube. I love this game so much... and yet Kristine noticed it and gave me one.. To Kris, its so so nice of you... Thanks so much...
All the presents and wishes from the card touches me so much... I really thank God for my 21 years old life... A wonderful life~! with so many wonderful friends.

Well, after we have finish all our food, the waitress clean up the table and I was one of the waitress for the bills. That time I was enjoing the music video from the restaurant tv, it was plaing "I'll be right here waiting for you" and suddenly they swith off the TV and I was... "Haiya, kenapa tutup my the song... tengah syok syok I tengok.." Then suddenly a whole bunch of waitress came out with a birthday cake singing birhtday song... At first, I thought "Who's birthday?" then I was looking around to see if any other guess birthday... Yet soon I realise it is birthday and the cake is for me... "Ahhh~!"... I am so so so surprise and touched. An the waitress is so friendly and sporting.. they sang birthday song for me twice! I was speechless that time and in full surprise... Thanks everyone~!!! By the way, its Marble Cheese cake.. my favourite~!!! Oh... how sweet you all...

Well... after dinner, we decided to get back to college as recently the rules is very stich against those who came back later than 12am. Some of us have already get the warning letter!!! so to be on the safe side we can't go back late. That mean, no more Grappa-ing or Havana-ing of Cineplex-ing for now or What-so-ever night activity. Huhu...

It was a wonderful nite... Thanks so much my friends. For all of my freinds out there.. Thanks so much! For all the birthday wishes and gifts and most important, your friendship~!!! You are all the best I ever have... May God bless you and your family.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How to eat like a HOT CHICK!

1) take a HOT shower.
2) chew on some HOT chilli first before meal.
3) if your tongue or palete feels HOT, drink HOT water.
4) dip all your food with Maggie HOT chilli sauce before put into your mouth. Chew longer before swallowing.
5) rub all over your body with some HOT cream after you eat.

Wah lah! You're as HOT as hell! Congrats, you finally can eat like a HOT CHICKS!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Bunga Raya food...

Well... This is my college food at 7.37pm. Just the right time for dinner, and look at the food! Not much food left, and the meat is so small!
What is the function of college cafeteria? Its to provid student with food and affordable price! I piece of tat small meat would probably cost you 1 ringhit here. And do you think its worth it? Bear in mind tat the food is cook during lunch time and sell until dinner time, do you think you wanna eat that?

I'm telling this is not to complain or to say that the food is 'low class' or what so ever.

A cafe function is to provide food, they should have improve their food quality! And quantity! Its 7.30, dinner time yet its the food is like left over. Even tough they do provide ala carte order. But as a student, i think most of us would prefer fast food which is more varieties of food, cheaper, and fast. You won't want to eat Nasi Goreng or Mee Goreng or something like that every meal, would you? Be etiquecal when open a cafe. I would like to comment of certain cafe operator in Uni, do not think that you can just simply manage your cafe as you expect that no matter what, the students is going to visit you. Yes! We have no choice but to eat at cafe... But please don't treat us like that. Its not that you have high maintenance cost to pay! We didn't expect much as a student, just proper food, clean, and affordable. This, small piece of chicken cost 1ringgit. What the fuck! Ok... My food had arrive. Kueh tiaw soup!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Proverb 17:28

Proverb 17:28
"Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue."

Who is Sandra?

And so today.. i decided to interviewed Sand for my blog:

IgGy: Hello Sand...

Sandy: Hi...

IgGy: Thank you for accepting my interview. So how are u feeling today?

Sandy: Haiya.. so formal 1... Haha... Today, I am great~!!! I had enough sleep.

IgGy: Good then, anything special u gonna do today? like anything particular in plan?

Sandy: Rotting!

IgGy: {-_-}" Alright, let's say... you wanna get out of your room today, what activities that you gonna do that is the best for you? and will make you the happiest? given that everything will be provided.

Sandy: Let's see.. Road trip~!!! I wanna go and have a road trip everywhere, like backpackers. I wanna travel the world if possible. If not... I wanna walk n walk n walk in the mall, and not alone OBVIOUSLY!

IgGy: I see.. so u like to walk "couple"ly with your boyfriend or with a bunch of friends or only with your girlfriendsss?

Sandy: I don't mind who I go with. As long as my friends and I talk a lot and laugh a lot. I don't really care bout the surroundings.

IgGy: Well, if you were shopping with ur boyfriend, would u go to a lingerie or bra shop with him?

Sandy: Hahaha... I would like him to come along into the shop. So far... not yet!

IgGy: Ok. Sandra, if you are given a chance for you to travel back in time. What you would do? Will you want to do it?

Sandy: Erm... Continue sailing until 2006 for the Asian Games in Doha. Haha... But I am still happy with the road I took. If I would have continue sailing, I wouldn't be in matrics then into university. Maybe yes but it would be late and I don't like that. Moreover... I wouldn't have met YOU!

IgGy: Oh Sand... that's so sweet of you... Let's talk about guys. Do u like guys? or girls?

Sandy: Definitely girls~!! Haha...

IgGy: What is the characteristics of a guy that can attract you?


  • Good sense of humour
  • Talk a lot
  • Help reduce my weakness and gain my potential talents
  • Support me in everything I do, but not the bad ones of course~!
  • Hardworking
  • Multitasker
  • Never give up on me
  • Guy that like to take photos of me, it makes me feel appreciated.

IgGy: What colour you think is the sexiest for guy?

Sandy: White~!!!

IgGy: Why so? any significant that you choose that colour?

Sandy: It make asian men look bigger and not skinny... Hahahaha...

White looks pure though they are not.

IgGy: What are the things that you don't like about guy?

Sandy: I don't like...
  • Men getting upset like a girl and expect me to comfort them. That''s so GAY!
  • Men with sweet talks but broken promises
  • Men who thinks they are the man in the house.
IgGy: Ok... 1 last final question. Who's the most unforgettable guy for you?

Sandy: My father~!!! how can i forget him?

Iggy: Great!! and that's all for this interview.

Sandy: Thanks.. great pleasure~!

Who's Sandra?
Sandra is a really nice fren of mine... she's always there to hear my complains.. sometime she got geram that she wanted to throw her keyboard to my face, right sand? yet she still listen to me and give me real good advices... Damn good stuff 1... Knew her in matric, not really close with her last time, just throw some balls together with her sometime. Haha... Tho she never bought me something.. Even on my birthday~!!! (**Iggy is Wink Wink to Sandra**) I still like her as a good friend. She love guys~!!! definitely!! She taught everyone that Love is about Passion, Commitment and Intimacy.
If you are interested in her, check her out at...