Sunday, December 21, 2008

“Everyone makes mistakes. That's why there is an eraser on every pencil.”


It was a lazy afternoon, my younger was in the church decorating for christmas. So I thought of going there go give some helps or maybe just to see what changes they have done at the church where I grew up and where I learn the most about life and love.

During my teenage life, around form 2, when I met my hometown bestfren, Fernandez. Since then, we both are active in church in activities like Altar Server, Carollings, Choirs or Camps... It was one of the great memories during those days... Altar Server or some might call in Altar Boy is what teaches my a lot about service and fullness in doing something. I was the leader last time and I always teach the younger server to serve full heartedly as once you are a server, forever you are. In every aspect in life, service is essential. Every job created in this world is to give service to others. For me, life isn't about enjoying alone, gaining what you want, happiness, beauty, richness, its about service. We serve others first before we serve ourselves, that's the ultimate type of service. it is in life that we have the chance to serve others in need, reach out to see and touch, to serve and not to be serve. As a christian and altar servers especially, we are always reminded that the greatest servant is God himself, Jesus came into the world to serve and not to be serve. That's is the ultimate goal of giving a service, to serve and not to be serve. Some people might need returns like money for their service given out, but that is not the real sincere type of service. A true service comes from the heart, which is first to serve without asking. If you can understand the spirit of serving, then you can be a good server. to be first to serve means you know what is going to happen, to avoid the bad things happen to others by fast services. The sames goes to your relationship with anyone, a true relationship of spouses, friends, families and community is about serving. A husband should serve his wife and so as the wife should serve her husband, with full hearted in spirit of serving. To really serve mean to put aside your need, not ignoring them but put aside temporarily to serve others first. It goes the same in a friendship, if you are someone who treasure friendship, you will know that the key element that keep a friendship alive and strong is service. If either one side start to cease of serving, or only know how to be served, it surely won't last long, and the bonding will not be strong. Are you there when your spouse or friends need you? are you just there when they need you? or you are there, ready to serve without waiting? Do you try your best, or you think you have tried you best to serve? To serve, is not to wait until there is something needed to be done, it is always ready all the time, to try the best to serve. To love, you need to serve, because serving is the action of love. When you say "I love you", meaning to say "I am ready to serve you before my needs". "I give you first before me".

I am really thankful that I have the chance of being an altar server in my life, which i really love the most, and learn the most about life especially the life of service. It is when I serve, I received the most. When I serve, I have the oppurturnity to be on the sanctuary, close to God, giving an example to peoples attending mass about reverance. As altar server, we taken vow, to serve God, His church and His people with full reverance and humility. I have never regreted this vow and it remind me always to serve others first. Now, when I grew older and the world gets "colder", I tend to be "colder" too. What the world really needs is a heart of service, the real spirit of service. That's what makes the world a better place for everyone. The motto of Altar Server or Guild of Saint Stephen is "CVI SERVIRE REGNARE EST" which means "to serve is to reign" which is very true.

Well, back to the story... during my walk around the church, seeing others busy with decoration, went to see the new priest and talk with some old friends, I happen to see this at the notice board of Altar Server.

A server prayer before mass and after mass

This is the prayer which I put on the notice board when I was in form 4, and after 6 years! this little beautiful prayer is still here. Just that they put in into a nice paper with some nice graphic. I was once again touched when I read this prayer which I need to pray almost every week before and after serving. Can't belive this prayer is still here after 6 years since the first time I put it on. God must have really love this prayer...

Is a good prayer for everyone who wish to learn how to serve others. I like this sentence the most "If I happen to make an error, may it be a lesson so my service will be perfect tomorrow". I think it suit for everyone. When we make error, take it as a lesson so we can serve others perfect tomorrow, there is nothing to be scare of making mistake in life.


Lydiane Agustinus said...

But you can avoid mistake by treading on the waters carefully, and by not relying solely on the "erasers" in our lives. :)

IgGy said...

Yes.. absolutely! thanks ly for ur comments...