Thursday, December 3, 2009

Prayer of a Student

I found this when I was packing my stuffs.
This have been my prayer, it was pasted on my study table during my matriculation in Labuan.
I think this is a great prayer, meaningful and a very humble prayer.
I get it from somewhere, probably from the internet.

Here, I share it with all of you, may this prayer be an encouragement and comfort for you as university students.

Prayer of a Student

Oh loving and merciful God,
my whole existence depends on You.
I ask You to send your Holy Spirit into my heart and my mind.

Fill me with your grace, beyond my own personal strength,
so that I can dedicate the time and energy that I need to study.

Give me the strength to resist the distractions from studying.
When I am studying by myself, help me to remember that You are my companion,
and I am never truly alone.

Help my lecturers to explain things clearly.
Help me to respect them.
Help me to pay attention and listen well in class.

Give me the courage to ask questions when I don't understand.
Give me the humility to ask for help when I need it.
Help me to accept the grades that I get
after I have done all that I can do.

Give me the spirit of gratitude
for the privilege of studying in this university,
while most people in the world will never have such a rare opportunity.

Help me to make the most of the wonderful gifts you have given me,
and to return them to you with generosity.

You have been with me through rough times in the past.
Help me to trust that you are here with me now.

Give me hope for the future,
and help me to trust that, whatever the future brings,
You are already there waiting for me,
with your loving embrace.

I offer you this prayer through your Son,
My Lord, and Saviour Jesus Christ,
who lives and reigns with You, forever and ever.