Thursday, June 18, 2009

What is democracy?

picture taken from website of National Museum of Australia.

I watched this video on YouTube, they run a "what is democracy?" video competition, it's called the Democracy Challenge, Your voice your video. And found some nice videos on what is democracy is all about. I'll share some here...

This is a nice meaningful one. Well done.

The other one, a real nice cartoon, probably can be use to educate some young minds on what is democracy...

Well, come to think of it, I wonder what is democracy... So this is what democracy is to me?

Democracy is...
- People's power... its like empowering people.
- "Its not the government that should be governing the people, its the people that should be governing the government" one of my friend's dad told me this last year which I found is quite true.
- freedom of speech~!! of cause, we should always talk in a nice way as our parents taught us to, that's include no harsh or bad words and no shouting unless its necessary. Freedom of speech mean I can say what I think you can improve on, what's wrong with your governing and not get caught. Without the freedom of speech, there's no democracy.
- My country love me as I love my country, my country treat me fairly.
- "Rules of Law" the law is above all in the country, including the leaders, no one can escape and find excuse against the law. If you bombed someone with some explosive, you should be judged accordingly.
- Not "a personal matter"
- Freedom to choose.
- Human rights. Yes, democracy is a human right! Democracy is our rights.

What democracy is not...
- "A personal matter..." it's everyone's matter.
- "A personal matter..." when a beautiful foreigner is being raped.
- "You better shut the fuck up or I'll get you in jail..." it's "voice it out and you shall be heard."
- "You should listen to me!" it's "I shall hear from you..."
- "I pay you, you vote me" it's "Choose me if you think I can deliver, Please!"
- "I am alone talking here!" it's everyone talking, its everyone's country.
- "Your future is in my hands" it's "Our futures in in your hands"
- "Shut up you poor and dirty!" it's "Help me help you."
- "Its not we'll help you soon" it's "We'll help you now!"
- "I own this, its mine" it's "We own this, its ours!"
- "Oil price is rising, as a nett oil exporter country, we need to earn more" it's "as a nett oil exporter country how we can help our own people?"
- "Elections is near, what can we do?" it's "Elections is just over, what can we do?"

Ok... enough with that, I can get more ideas flowing out my minds right now.

So what do you think of Democracy? What democracy is?

Democracy is what we need