Saturday, May 30, 2009

An interview with Ms. Jessie

I found no ideas to update my blog, and seen Ms. Jessie ask me to update my blog, I found a good reason to interview her for this post... haha...

Iggy: First question, What is your name?
Jessie: Jessica Bulding. friends call me Jessie or Jess

Iggy: Erm... so.. you have just finish ur study.. right?. give me 1 word that describe ur university
Jessie: Modern!
Iggy: Woah~! nice word. Why would you describe it as modern? any particular event or things about your university that make u think its modern?
Jessie: i think of all IPTA (not including the recent ones..kolej uni wch change into Uni)..unimas is modern in terms of designs and facilities.

Iggy: Wat is the most memorable thing about university for u... may it be an event, someone or something...
Jessie: I knew that you would have ask this... Well, too much memories actually.
Iggy: Well, well.. among the memory.. wat is the happiest one?
Jessie: Oh.. happy ones. hrmm... Let me think first... ... xmas dinner in jan 2009!
Iggy: I see, why would that be so happy about? I remembered you went with your boyfriend that time.
Jessie: cause it was my first experience performing in an event..and us getting closer..practicing for those songs. And most my boyfriend can make it for the event to see my performing. That's so wonderful and a great performance well done. Kris and Farhan were there, and all of us look as elegant as can be. And I sang a duet with the lovely Kathleen...a christmas song.."Little Drummer Boy".

Iggy: ok.. that's the happiest 1... how about scary.. any scary encounter in unimas? or supernatural event?
Jessie: supernatural encounter would be at the Unit Keselamatan.
Iggy: What happened?
Jessie: Me n Kris were there.. i was registering sticker for my car.. then there's a sound coming from a door someone banging and playing with the doorknob. As for the most scary one will the about the thuderstorm in Unimas, where a girl was stuck by lightning.

Iggy: Well... would you consider yourself a good students back then?
Jessie: I think, i was a good student in terms of completing all the assignments,project and passing my exams.
Iggy: In other aspects?
Jessie: like other students, i bad-mouthed some lecturers but i never had the guts to confront them. then, i did broke some rules but considered not that serious.
Iggy: Which lecturer you dislike the most... dun mention the name.. but why u dun like him or her?
Jessie: that one.. haha.. because he looked down on some students and not that student-friendly

Iggy: Any sad memories? except the one separating from everyone.
Jessie: oh..oklah. when my kancil dilanggar org (hit by someone)and I was not even there.
Iggy: owh.. that's sad.

Iggy: how would you describe what you have learned in unimas?... Give me one word for Biotech.
Jessie: COMPLEX... no.. i think COMPLICATED would be more suitable.

Iggy: According to your experience... what is the five things that is necessary to survive in University?
Jessie: things? if i use values can?
Iggy: no necessary nilai nilai moral, can be things, or something or someone with certain characteristic or some values.. stuffs like tat.
Jessie: Of cause, No. 1 is sufficient money, to eat especially. Everyone knows, no food, no eat then die... Haha... No.2 Self-control.
Iggy: Why "self-control"?
Jessie: For example..if u wanna try something new and not necessarily good..u must know when to stop and consider what's better for yourself and everyone else around you. then,can avoid any beban (burden) to our dear parents also. Do it but with self-control.

Iggy: Ok.. what is the next thing for campus survival?
Jessie: No.3 the Key to ur apartment or hostel room.
Iggy: Haha.. why would you consider the key as the 3rd must have stuff?
Jessie: cause i pernah (ever) left my key in the night. no staff to help..the felo is ehem,USELESS.

Jessie: No.4 is Laptop or PC, every students now would surely need that. and the Last one is Good friends to keep you sane!
Iggy: Haha... Well Ms. Jessie, would you like to dedicate this interview for all your good friend in your university life?
Jessie: Sure, to all my good friend. They will be reading this and they'll know.

Iggy: Well, Jessie, that's all for today interview, thank you very much.
Jessie: Thank you Mr. Chin.