Thursday, January 1, 2009

“Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go.”

- Brooks Atkinson (American journalish and critic)
~Happy New Year~

Well, another year have ended and I felt that time fly by so fast, really fast! last year new year was in kk, in a blink of an eye, its another new year again. Now, let's see what we had in 2008.

In 2008:

- My car got hit!

- The year where all Malaysian have a political tsunami... well, that's cool for me. We witness something new and see how each party will react.

- And the petrol price shoot up during June, for the first time, the most increase of petrol price in Malaysia history, 41% to be exact. And everything get more expensive, you really can feel it, last time RM50 is enough for a week, now, with reduce useage and spending, RM50 last around 5days like tat... tat's mean RM10 for each day, for 3 meals, that is if you didn't spent on any other things, it left you with RM3.33 for every meal. Hehe...

- Then in 2008, petrol price turun lagi... but if according to history, with the crude oil price now, we can afford to have even cheaper petrol in Malaysia. What went wrong here? its not RM1.85 per liter.. it should be RM1.10 or something like that.. The market oil price is even cheaper than before the tremendous increase of petrol price in June, that's mean, at least, it must be not more expensive then the price before June (RM1.70)... and What went wrong here?

- Then in 2008, for the first time, I choose and bought my own handphone. For the past, my hp is present for my parents, or I just exchange it with my sister. **wink wink**. And somewhere around July, when I just started the new semester, some desperate guy came into my room and took my phone and wallet. So what can I do, things have gone and so it left me a choice to get a new phone and I get to choose my own. Yesh! Sony Ericsson K800i! that's my choice, it have a good camera furnished by Sony Cyber-Shot. And I like it so much, cause I like to take picture everywhere I go.

- Then in 2008 also, can say, i enjoyed the most for my university life. Make some new frens... getting back with old frens. Go karaoke, dinner, and hang out with frens. Had my practical in KK, met some nice people there, make friend with my gf friends, met a great scientist too, stayed with a wonderful family there.

- Then in 2008, fight the most with gf, we learned about each other more. Argue with one of my friend a lot also, we fight, we cutted, we learn and hopefully it heal fast and make us know more.

- Then in 2008, I think many of my friend changed. To change is easy, to know that you've change and still keep and remember the past is a must, that's why we study history.

- So what else in 2008? But 2008 is a nice year... oh ya! in 2008! I started this blog!

- Well, the end of 2008 is not that much I've expected but its still ok with me... I'm cool with it, just let it be. But sad is that it will be the last year end with my university friends, well, something just didn't matter much for someone. But its ok... at least I've tried and I dreamt bout it. like sitting together at hartz, looking back the year, counting how many time we had hartz last year, seeing how each other changed physically and spiritually, someone really have been good this year and deserve a praise, looking back on what we have done together in the year and thinking on what we can do next year, then count down together or dance the nite out together. But its ok, like cinderella said... "A dream is a wish your heart made" and I've dream and I've tried. Problems come, problems go, we had cried, we had laught, we had fall, we had rise, we had failed, we had triumph, and we had start hopefully its not end.

- To you my friend, I praise you and I thank you. Thank you for everything I had this year, thank you for the good ones that I may cherish and remember, thank you for the bad ones that I might learn and be stronger, for most of all, Thank you, coz You're there. Amen.
And now... looking forward for all the great things and the fullness of life in 2009


Steph.. ^^ said...

Heyy.. Nice background.. Cool for you to have found my blog.. Too bad I ended the posts already!! TT Nvm la.. Neways, will be updated with your blog.. I suggest you to get a cbox? You know. Easier to chat then. =D

Steph.. ^^ said...

Happy New Year bro!