Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just to tell you...

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Just to tell you all.. that I'm still alive.. just feeling lazy to write some post right now.

By the way, the picture up there.. was taken at Pulau Sapi, during my trip to KK, really enjoyed the nice day at Pulau Sapi. I would recommend those interested for outdoor activities to go for this wonderful island, mainly just for the snorkel ling... I saw many beautiful fishes there, and use your contacts lenses for those with impaired vision, you won't want to miss seeing those beautiful fishes. Snorkeling is a must try if you go there... And the trip is really affordable, take a boat from Jesselton Point, RM17, snorkeling gear rental, (10 for snorkeling goggle, 5 for life jacket, for those who can't swim, 10 for flippers for those who want to swim fast and far.) then you are ready to go any enjoy a day at the island. Some other water sports you can enjoy there like Paragliding (RM75++), Sea walking (RM150++) if you want. Bring your own food there...

Some Tips for a great day at an island:
1) Instant hand sanitizer is a must. You won't want to go up and down to find clean water to wash your hands. With instant hand sanitizer, you can clean your hands with it and handle food.
2) Bring your own mat. Just in case there are no table left for you, you can spread a mat on the ground. and you can avoid renting those super expensive mat at there.
3) Use sun block. Apply it on your face, body and open area, sunburn hurts. If you have sunburn on your face, get a cooling effect mask afterward to help the healing process.
4) Bring foods. something like sandwich, crackers, and biscuits or cookies to eat. By this, you can save up from spending unnecessarily on those expensive food sold on the island.
5) Buy distilled water. Yes! Distilled water. Distilled water is much better and clean than RO water and far more than mineral water. you can use for hand washing and drinking.

Well guys, that's what that come to my mind right now... will post some more when I got the "feel". Adios!


Lydiane Agustinus said...
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IgGy said...

Get a higher SPF sunblock, I think it will help.

Lydiane Agustinus said...
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IgGy said...

you are so dark already.. still need 1000+???