Sunday, October 12, 2008

Who is Sandra?

And so today.. i decided to interviewed Sand for my blog:

IgGy: Hello Sand...

Sandy: Hi...

IgGy: Thank you for accepting my interview. So how are u feeling today?

Sandy: Haiya.. so formal 1... Haha... Today, I am great~!!! I had enough sleep.

IgGy: Good then, anything special u gonna do today? like anything particular in plan?

Sandy: Rotting!

IgGy: {-_-}" Alright, let's say... you wanna get out of your room today, what activities that you gonna do that is the best for you? and will make you the happiest? given that everything will be provided.

Sandy: Let's see.. Road trip~!!! I wanna go and have a road trip everywhere, like backpackers. I wanna travel the world if possible. If not... I wanna walk n walk n walk in the mall, and not alone OBVIOUSLY!

IgGy: I see.. so u like to walk "couple"ly with your boyfriend or with a bunch of friends or only with your girlfriendsss?

Sandy: I don't mind who I go with. As long as my friends and I talk a lot and laugh a lot. I don't really care bout the surroundings.

IgGy: Well, if you were shopping with ur boyfriend, would u go to a lingerie or bra shop with him?

Sandy: Hahaha... I would like him to come along into the shop. So far... not yet!

IgGy: Ok. Sandra, if you are given a chance for you to travel back in time. What you would do? Will you want to do it?

Sandy: Erm... Continue sailing until 2006 for the Asian Games in Doha. Haha... But I am still happy with the road I took. If I would have continue sailing, I wouldn't be in matrics then into university. Maybe yes but it would be late and I don't like that. Moreover... I wouldn't have met YOU!

IgGy: Oh Sand... that's so sweet of you... Let's talk about guys. Do u like guys? or girls?

Sandy: Definitely girls~!! Haha...

IgGy: What is the characteristics of a guy that can attract you?


  • Good sense of humour
  • Talk a lot
  • Help reduce my weakness and gain my potential talents
  • Support me in everything I do, but not the bad ones of course~!
  • Hardworking
  • Multitasker
  • Never give up on me
  • Guy that like to take photos of me, it makes me feel appreciated.

IgGy: What colour you think is the sexiest for guy?

Sandy: White~!!!

IgGy: Why so? any significant that you choose that colour?

Sandy: It make asian men look bigger and not skinny... Hahahaha...

White looks pure though they are not.

IgGy: What are the things that you don't like about guy?

Sandy: I don't like...
  • Men getting upset like a girl and expect me to comfort them. That''s so GAY!
  • Men with sweet talks but broken promises
  • Men who thinks they are the man in the house.
IgGy: Ok... 1 last final question. Who's the most unforgettable guy for you?

Sandy: My father~!!! how can i forget him?

Iggy: Great!! and that's all for this interview.

Sandy: Thanks.. great pleasure~!

Who's Sandra?
Sandra is a really nice fren of mine... she's always there to hear my complains.. sometime she got geram that she wanted to throw her keyboard to my face, right sand? yet she still listen to me and give me real good advices... Damn good stuff 1... Knew her in matric, not really close with her last time, just throw some balls together with her sometime. Haha... Tho she never bought me something.. Even on my birthday~!!! (**Iggy is Wink Wink to Sandra**) I still like her as a good friend. She love guys~!!! definitely!! She taught everyone that Love is about Passion, Commitment and Intimacy.
If you are interested in her, check her out at...