Monday, October 13, 2008

Bunga Raya food...

Well... This is my college food at 7.37pm. Just the right time for dinner, and look at the food! Not much food left, and the meat is so small!
What is the function of college cafeteria? Its to provid student with food and affordable price! I piece of tat small meat would probably cost you 1 ringhit here. And do you think its worth it? Bear in mind tat the food is cook during lunch time and sell until dinner time, do you think you wanna eat that?

I'm telling this is not to complain or to say that the food is 'low class' or what so ever.

A cafe function is to provide food, they should have improve their food quality! And quantity! Its 7.30, dinner time yet its the food is like left over. Even tough they do provide ala carte order. But as a student, i think most of us would prefer fast food which is more varieties of food, cheaper, and fast. You won't want to eat Nasi Goreng or Mee Goreng or something like that every meal, would you? Be etiquecal when open a cafe. I would like to comment of certain cafe operator in Uni, do not think that you can just simply manage your cafe as you expect that no matter what, the students is going to visit you. Yes! We have no choice but to eat at cafe... But please don't treat us like that. Its not that you have high maintenance cost to pay! We didn't expect much as a student, just proper food, clean, and affordable. This, small piece of chicken cost 1ringgit. What the fuck! Ok... My food had arrive. Kueh tiaw soup!


SLY said...

Sama saja da food here..but v hav vege man and chinese food..wakakakakaka...but v not stayin in UM...

Sundi & Sherene