Monday, October 20, 2008

7 Facts about Ignatius

THANKS sand for tagging me....

Here's the rules of this game...

First, copy the rules to your blog.

Rules of the tag:-
1.Link to your tagger and paste and post these rules in your blog.
2.Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
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I am thinking who am I going to tag after this as I only got a few friends that blog.

Well, here it goes... Iggy's Fun Facts:

No. 1 I like Pig a.k.a. Babi

Some how in my life, I then to use the words "Pig" or "Babi" quite often.
For example: When I am angry: "Babi o orang tu!" (Pig that person) or "Babi punya si Sandra tu!" (Sandra Pig). I got the influence from one of my friend I guess...
And I like food with pork.
For example: Pork Bacon, Pork Leg cooked in heavy soy sauce, Crispy Pork or "Sau Nyuk" but not "Sasau", I like "Crispy Patta" from Ihaw-ihaw.
I sometime called my fren Pig. like.. "Pig Sharon" a.k.a. "Pig mom"
I think Pig have many usage, it can be something cute, something ugly, and every part of a Pig can be made food according to chinese recipies. I've nerver tried every part yet. Just the Pig Brain, Pig body, Pig leg, Pig Ears, and Pig tongue. Which is all taste nice for me but not my favourite la...
No wonder Sharon called me "Pig son" cause I am a useful son, right Sharon? Haha... So guys, be proud when someone called you Pig cause that mean you are very useful person

No.2 I am afraid of bees

When I was young, the house I live is surrounded many trees that my father planted and that's mean there are many insects there. I ever stung by 3 times by big black bees in 1 week. One morning, while I wake up and walk outside to get something, I steped on one of the bees and got stung by a big black bee about the size of 10 cent. Then at the night, somehow the same species of bee got into my short pants and stung my right tight, Ouch~!!! and the next few days, on the other part of my body which I can't remember, my small finger I think. The stung is so painful for a few days and that's why I am afraid of bees or tebuan or some insect that resemble bees.

No.3 I love to sing

No many might know this, but actually I like to sing! I sing in my room, I sing when I bath, I sing when I am in "the bank" making some "deposite". I sing when I drive. I just love singing. I dream of becoming a singer, probably a tenor singer or Opera singer. There are some reasons that I like to sing. One, singing helps me feel relax and energize me cause I breathe rapidly. Second, I like to sing praises and prayers, I give my a sense of connection between God and my soul, for when I sing, I sing out my heart and soul. Third, singing helps me learn to express myself more. Fourth, Singing makes me appreciate Life. Especially Love songs, and worship songs. Someone must have love someone so much till he or she are able to write a song to appreciate him or her. And Some one must have felt something in his or her life that he or she can humble down to write a worship songs. For me, a good songs is when you really can put down yourself, your ego, your pride, you hatred and humble down to write it. That's what make a really good touching song for me. Fifth, "Songs activate the souls" in other words, songs touches the souls and heal it. A good songs can serve as motivation, A sad song can sadden someone or create anger to some people, A fast tempo song might get someone tapping his feet and hopping. Songs touches the souls, that's why I like singing.

No.4 I love to sports

Belive it or not. I love sports, I love rackets games like squash, badminton, and tennis. I like running around catching balls. I love swimming too.
This was when I am in Matric...

And in Unimas...
Notice the similiarity and difference?
No.5 I am not religious, but I just love Jesus

I might not be religious but I just love Jesus. Do you know who He is? Jesus is the greatest person that ever walked the earth. You can call Him whatever you want, in the end, He is still the greatest person ever walked on earth. His life is inspiring, His love is tremendous, His teaching is awesome, His work is miraculous, His words heals from the deepest soul through the body, Do you know Him? He is amazing, He protects, He guides, He love, He forgive his enemy, He bow down to His enemy, He is humble, He is ever forgiving, ever loving, ever caring, He is always there for you... I know He is there cause I ever see Him, I really do~!.

I wonder if you know Him? Ask about Him~!

No. 6 Sometimes I like to talk, sometimes I don't.

I am a talkative person if you know me, and I can be very quite sometime. It is all dependant on my mood. But mostly, people will describe me as cheerful, cheeky and talkative. So when I don't talk, its a bit scary probably a lil bit more scary for certain people. When I am quiet, it is either I am so suprise till speechless or I am not in the mood. With that, I am hoping someone can cheer me up, someone can talk to me and ignore that I am not in the mood cause I forget very fast, I seldom get sad or angry unless someone really annoyed me or shocked me with something. Or when I am angry, I still can talk it nicely out to settle it. Sometimes when I am quite, I am thinking and observing or even praying for someone right then. I used to just sit at a corner of a shopping complex (I sat at center point, KK for 2 hours observing ppl) and look at people passing by because I like to observe human (and spoting some hot chicks), they behaviours and emotions. The place I found that it is most emotional is the airport, some people might be sad of leaving a place cause of someone or things while some people just wanted to get out of the place fast or some are leaving for emergency. Some people are happy to see their love ones coming back, some are sad travelling along, some are with family, some cries, some laugh, some hugged, some couples kissed goodbye, some boy waiting with flowers (with hope cause probably the girl is angry with him) for their girlfriend to come back, some people might be sad that he or she missed a flight, some people quarelling with the staffs about certain things, some are rushing to catch a flight, some are waiting for help. Its a very emotional place. You can find all sorts of emotion there. Furthermore, free WiFi and Aircond wat...

No. 7 (last and weird 1) I love Hayden Panettiere than Paris Hilton~!!! LOL...

So, in the end, I decided not to tag anyone. Sorry Sand... I break the rules. hehe...
But I do really wish that my friend who have a blog, do do something like this.
Aman, Dean, Jessie (if you already have 1), Sharon (also if you alredy have 1), Kathleen (if you have 1), Karen,... And all my friends that are reading my blog. Write 7 facts about yourself~!!!